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Perfect Harmony

Picture this: coming home to a richly appointed home that’s immersed in serene, natural surroundings – and that has its own private spa. “That home would be Huntington Homes’ nature-inspired show home at 356 Willow Creek Rd. in Bridgwater Trails,” says Rob Swan of Huntington Homes. “We’ve designed a home that co-exists with its natural surroundings in perfect harmony,” he says. “Natural materials and an interior filled with light and beautiful nature views work together to create a tranquil, calming feel.” That calming feel starts with the 2,517 sq. ft. walkout bungalow’s exterior, which features natural, weathered castle stone. Inside,…

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20 Sep 2018

30 Years Strong

This year marks the celebration of Huntington Homes 30th Anniversary. In the late eighties, brothers Sheldon and Rob Swan started the company with the goal of building superior custom homes. More than that, their mandate was to build perfect custom homes. With that goal in mind, Huntington introduced standard building specifications – piled foundations and engineered floor systems, for example – that were far above the industry norm at the time. Over time, they incorporated hundreds of custom building specifications, many of which have become building code over the past 30 years. After three decades, it’s no surprise that Huntington…

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05 Apr 2018

A Grand Feeling

Two-storey brings spectacular style to Fall Parade of Homes
Rob Swan of Huntington Homes says there’s a singular purpose behind the design of 28 Willow Brook Rd.

“It’s designed to grab your attention the moment you step inside,” he says of the 3,311-square-foot, two-storey home, located in Bridgwater Lakes.

“It has a grand feel from start to finish.”

That grand feel starts in the large tiled foyer with a soaring 20-foot-high ceiling. Add in several design touches and you have a foyer that sets the perfect tone — very stylish, yet also functional.

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29 Sep 2017

Timeless Functional Design

A new home design that seamlessly combines style and function is no accident. For nearly 30 years, Huntington Homes’ attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to quality – and exceptional execution – has made them Winnipeg’s premiere custom homebuilder.

“Our clients have high expectations as do we,” says Rob Swan, who co-founded Huntington Homes with his brother Sheldon in 1988. “They want only the best. With that in mind, our specifications, attention to detail, and building process are second to none.”

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29 Sep 2016

Fashion Meets Function

It’s a sensation that doesn’t often happen when you enter a home. That sensation? Feeling as if the home is as comfortable as a pair of well-worn shoes that fit perfectly because they fit every subtle contour of your feet.

Huntington Homes’ frontman, Rob Swan says that 141 Rose Lake Court in Bridgwater Trails — a 2,499 sq. ft. bungalow with walk-out basement — has been drawing rave reviews during the 2016 Fall Parade of Homes.

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24 Sep 2016

Tailor Made

If you’re looking to build your dream home and want it done right, it pays to build with the best. According to Rob Swan, co-founder of Huntington Homes, “Custom building for almost three decades isn’t all that sets us apart, it’s actually the formula we use to approach each project. From a construction standpoint, we’ve always set the bar exceptionally high. Our specifications are second to none. They’re the starting point for every home we build.”

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16 Sep 2015

Perfect on Every Level

At Huntington Homes, the objective with every home they build is the same: to create an exciting, functional masterpiece. As is the case with every masterpiece – in this instance, their show home at 130 Lake Bend Road in Bridgwater Lakes – nothing about the design is an accident. From start to finish, the design of the home is ultra-specific from the floor plan to the finishes – a Huntington standard.

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13 Mar 2015

Everything In Its Place

There tends to be two types of show homes. The first simply overwhelms you with a quick burst of in-your-face wow factor. The second, by contrast, is more subtle in its spectacularity. The moment you walk in, you’re aware of the wow factor, but it doesn’t fizzle out. Rather, the various design features just get better and better as you tour the home.

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19 Nov 2014

Tuxedo charmer built with purpose

Call it the perfect storm – for a homebuilder, that is. It was by chance Rob Swan of Huntington Homes found the perfect infill lot, a 100-foot-wide by 130-foot-deep property at 216 Lamont Blvd. in old Tuxedo. “I was just driving down the street, and there it was,” he recalled. “It was a huge lot with an old, rundown home for sale on it. Once I saw it, I didn’t waste any time. I bought it right away because it was such an awesome location.” Not only did the lot provide a perfect palette to build on – the location…

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17 Nov 2014

Warming Trends

New Homes give winter the cold shoulder   Remember last winter? Most of us have tried to block out the memory of biting winds, steady snow-fall and seemingly endless cold snaps. Even indoors, extreme weather conditions can create hardship in a dark, drafty old house – especially one that racks up big energy bills. Luckily for Manitobans, natural light and energy-efficient systems are the norm in new homes, creating spaces that make winter cocooning a far more attractive option. Rob Swan, co-founder and president of Huntington Homes, says changes to building codes over the past 15 or so years have…

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13 Sep 2014