In the long-run, quality and value always trump price. We don’t underestimate our customers. We believe that people want a home that is this good, and that they can see the value in it.

We believe in giving people the home that they want, that is well thought through, that will serve them for many years to come. People are smart, they figure these things out.

Remember, what you see is what you get… but what you don’t see is also what you get. Quality is more than skin-deep.


Experience is about our company’s expertise, but equally, it is about the customer’s experience during the design and building of their new home.

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the design and construction – not the other way around.

Our homes are created by a group of people who care deeply about making something wonderful that their friends would want, and that they would want to live in themselves.


Design is often a misunderstood word. Many times people think design means how it looks, but if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

We’re proud of many things we haven’t done. Innovation is also about saying no to hundreds of things.

We think it’s important we’re perceived as much better. In many ways we have to be different to be much better.

Huntington Homes takes pride in creating homes that are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to live in.

Backed by over two decades of experience, Huntington owners can rest assured that their new home will be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come. Huntington Homes custom builds in Winnipeg, Canada and adjacent communities.

Fall Show Home Hours

The Fall MBHA Parade of Homes is now over. Turnout was great but if you missed it, you can still visit our Show Homes.


Weekdays: 4 to 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1 to 5 pm

Recent Accolades

“We are sooooo happy with our house and have received many compliments from envious friends saying that they should have built with Huntington Homes as well! We are proud and happy homeowners of a Huntington Home!  There is no doubt that we would recommend Huntington to anyone wanting to build! I also wanted to add how Quy and I are so impressed with the prompt replies from you and contractors of Huntington regarding any service items.”

- Nerissa

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