Rose Lake Court Great Room
Northtown Two Storey
Lake Bend Road Two Storey Exterior
Rose Lake Court Kitchen
Lake Bend Road Bungalow
Lake Bend Road Bungalow
Rose Lake Court Walk-in Closet
Lake Bend Road Bungalow
South Pointe Two Storey


In the long-run, quality and value always trump price. We don’t underestimate our customers. We believe that people want a home that is this good, and that they can see the value in it. 


Experience is about our company’s expertise, but equally, it is about the customer’s experience during the design and building of their new home. 


Design is often a misunderstood word. Many times people think design means how it looks, but if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works. 

Huntington Homes takes pride in creating homes that are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to live in.

Backed by over two decades of experience, Huntington owners can rest assured that their new home will be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come. Huntington Homes custom builds in Winnipeg, Canada and adjacent communities.

Parade of Homes Fall 2016

Parade of Home Show Home Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 3 – 8 PM (closed Fridays)
Saturday & Sunday: 12 – 6 PM

Bridgwater Centre Video

From Our Blog

Tailor Made

If you’re looking to build your dream home and want it done right, it pays to build with the best. According to Rob Swan, co-founder of Huntington Homes, “Custom building for almost three decades isn’t all that sets us apart, it’s actually the formula we use to approach each project. From a construction standpoint, we’ve always set the bar exceptionally high. Our specifications are second to none. They’re the starting point for every home we build.”

Perfect on Every Level

At Huntington Homes, the objective with every home they build is the same: to create an exciting, functional masterpiece. As is the case with every masterpiece – in this instance, their show home at 130 Lake Bend Road in Bridgwater Lakes – nothing about the design is an accident. From start to finish, the design of the home is ultra-specific from the floor plan to the finishes – a Huntington standard.

Everything In Its Place

There tends to be two types of show homes. The first simply overwhelms you with a quick burst of in-your-face wow factor. The second, by contrast, is more subtle in its spectacularity. The moment you walk in, you're aware of the wow factor, but it doesn't fizzle out. Rather, the various design features just get better and better as you tour the home.