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Communities Checklist

Communities Checklist

When selecting a new neighbourhood, there are a number of key factors you should take into consideration. Use the following communities checklist to help you decide:

Distance to your place of employment?

Distance to your favorite stores?

Distance to your place of worship?

Distance to friends and relatives you routinely visit?

Distance to your or your children’s school?

Distance to parks and recreational areas?

Distance to medical services?

Distance to health clubs?

Distance to airport?

How easy will it be for your children to get to school?

How good are the schools in the area?

Can you choose which school your children will attend?

Is there ready access to public transportation?

Is the neighbourhood well regarded by those familiar with the city?

Are streets and other public facilities well maintained?

Is the neighbourhood generally clean?

Are there any fees and user charges for public services?

Are a full array of municipal services available?

Are there walking and cycling paths nearby?

Are homes in the area well kept?

Are there neighbourhood organizations interested in improving the area?

Do homeowners seem to care about the appearance of their property?

Is there a homeowner’s association that you must join?

How quiet is the neighbourhood?

How much traffic is there in the neighbourhood?

Is air pollution such as smoke, odour, etc. a factor?

Is airport noise a factor?

Is the area in a flood zone?