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Kind Words From Clients

Kind Words

“We decided to build a house after looking at homes for two years and never finding one that quite met our needs. We contacted Huntington after they were recommended to us by a friend who is involved in building homes in Winnipeg. I asked him if he was going to build a home with any builder in the city who would he chose and he said not a question for sure Huntington. He had so many reasons why he would choose them that I couldn’t possibly list them all but specifically mentioned that the quality of their construction was the best.

They were amazing to work with from start to finish and even after we took possession of our home for warranty related issues. All of the employees at Huntington were always so friendly and helpful, I can’t say enough good things about all of them. From Paula who is at the front desk and helps out with a number of things along the way with your build to Rob, Jason and Pearl who worked with us through the design process and finding a lot, Donald who dealt with our many design changes and so many other employees who were so great! Also, Jillian who worked with us on our many change orders and the entire way through the building process. She was always so reassuring and quick to respond to me even when I sent the occasional crazy email 🙂

They took our inspiration photo of our dream home we found online and turned it into reality, with so much attention to detail. They used quality materials and all of the trades that do work for them are amazing as well. In two rooms in our house, I chose a particularly tricky tile design to work with. Their tile guy did a better job with the pattern than the photos on the tile manufacturers website!!! So impressive!

They do not cut corners like some other builders do, the materials are always A+++. Whenever I had a question or concern they were always very quick to respond to my emails or voicemails, even if they didn’t have the answer immediately they always got back to me to let me know they were looking into it and would have an answer soon. I’ve heard some real horror stories from friends about other builders that they have used who just don’t respond to their clients or take weeks to get back to them about the smallest things.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this company and everyone who works there -they are simply amazing! Building a house can be a stressful endeavour but everyone at Huntington makes it so much easier and enjoyable!!! We love our house so much!!! Thank you Huntington! 🙂

– Randi G

“We are absolutely enjoying the house… and amazing folks with our stories of a very positive building experience.

Thanks for making a big decision like this such a good one.”

– Barry & Janice R.

“It’s been about 1 ½ years since we moved into our new Huntington home.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff and to express how wonderful our house building experience was and our finished house is. We had been casually checking out show homes for several years before signing on with Huntington.

We had decided on our own that we really liked the style and quality of Huntington’s homes. By the time we were ready to build, we did not even approach any other builder as we had decided we wanted a Huntington home.

Carrie made some wonderful suggestions as were designing the layout and Rob talked us into putting the dining area at the back. That was definitely the right decision and we need to thank both of you for your input and suggestions. Our house is the perfect layout for us!

Our building experience with Huntington went very smooth. We really liked that Huntington bases their building budgets on high end materials. It was very helpful not to go over budget on most items. Your project management is amazing. Materials get delivered and the next construction phase starts right after the previous one. We heard the stories from other people we knew who were building at the same time and from some of our new neighbors. We were the only ones with a good building experience.

Everyone at your company provided professional service, advice and expertise. We worked with Carrie the most. She is beyond wonderful. She is professional, friendly, provided prompt replies, made great suggestions, paid attention to detail, and did the research and provided detailed, accurate responses to our questions. Debbie handled our one year of warranty. We didn’t get to know her as well, but she also provided prompt, friendly service. Our issues were addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

The trades that we met were also professional and did excellent work. We also knew there were other people working behind the scenes that we didn’t meet, but who must do a good job considering the service and quality we received.

We would also like to thank Jym. He confirmed our choices and also offered some excellent advice. He was professional, friendly, knew his stuff, and a pleasure to work with.

We would like to invite Rob, Sheldon, Debbie, Carrie, Jym and partners over for thank-you BBQ in the spring. We know everyone is busy, but we hope we can find a date that works for all. We will be in touch after the pool is open in the spring. Thanks!“

– Irene & Mike S.

“We are sooooo happy with our house and have received many compliments from envious friends saying that they should have built with Huntington Homes as well!

We are proud and happy homeowners of a Huntington Home! There is no doubt that we would recommend Huntington to anyone wanting to build! I also wanted to add how Quy and I are so impressed with the prompt replies from you and contractors of Huntington regarding any service items.”

– Nerissa

“We have truly enjoyed working with you and hope that you know that you’re welcome to stop by “your home” any time.”

– Mickey and Jim W.

“We would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service provided to us during the planning, building and the first year of occupancy of our new home. It was our first experience at building and the service was exceptional and much appreciated as first-time homebuyers.

We chose a Huntington Home because we believed it represented quality workmanship, professionalism, attention to detail, originality, and an organized methodology for meeting building deadlines and costs. Right from the start, Huntington met or exceeded our expectations!

It was great to learn that Huntington based its building budgets on high-end products. We have received many compliments on the design and quality of our home. We were very happy that as planned: construction started on time, deadlines were met and we moved in to our new home as scheduled and within budget.

We will most definitely recommend your company to everyone we know who is considering building a new home.

Thanks! Keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job!”

Keith, Cindy E.

“Almost seven years have elapsed since Huntington Homes introduced us to our property, where you ultimately built our beautiful home.

In every respect, our home has provided us with pleasure and comfort. Not only does it continue to be eye appealing, but the quality of the workmanship has endured.

Everyone, without exception, acknowledges the fact that “Huntington is a quality builder”. The term “Huntington-built”, immediately conveys quality and ensures market value.

Thank you for a memorable experience!”
– Al & Livia

“Firstly I would like to say I am very impressed with the building of our new house. I have heard of so many people who are building with other builders and always hear of all the problem stories. The people you hire do an amazing job.”

Thanks, Trevor K.

“A few weeks ago our family took possession of our new Huntington Home. Designing and constructing a home is a major project and represented a milestone in our lives that, while exciting and rewarding, was also somewhat intimidating.

That is why we devoted three years to researching homes and builders before making our decision to build with Huntington. Our vantage point as new homeowners now confirms the soundness of our choice.

Of particular importance to us was the exceptional architectural talent of Huntington Homes. We were very pleased with your capacity to incorporate our preferences, needs, and visions into a unified building plan. Later, during actual construction, we were further impressed with the attention to detail and the maintenance of standards of excellence achieved through your use of only the most exacting tradespeople under the outstanding professional coordination of your site supervisor.

Superior construction quality and rigorously high standards first attracted us to Huntington Homes and we are happy to report that your performance did not disappoint. Our home has been examined by many competent judges and has been pronounced both structurally and aesthetically excellent. We are very satisfied with our involvement with Huntington Homes.”

– Henry I

“I wanted to put in writing how pleased we have been with the purchase of our Huntington Home.

This is our 4th home purchase and was the best. Not only is the home beautiful, with architectural detail including curved walls, niches, etc., the home is solidly built. Living on the river, with clay soil, we know it is important that the home was built on a properly engineered piled foundation. While several neighbors to the west experienced foundation issues, our home is rock-solid.”

– Sharon and Tony L.

“Now that our house is complete, we wish to express our very deep appreciation for all you and your staff have done to make it the home of our dreams.

When we began this journey into building a new home over two years ago as busy professionals with children, we entered into the project with some apprehension.

Your company came to us with high praise, yet we were moving into uncharted territory and worried it could lead us down a path of building headaches, projects delays, budget problems, difficult contractors, and regrets! To our surprise, the project took us down a road of gifted individuals, wonderful relationships, beautiful workmanship, excellent organization, and the joy of moving in on-time into a beautiful home better than in our imagination!

Any project such as this is only good as the service provided to the customer. At Huntington, we have always felt important as part of the team, and your staff have responded to our every need promptly with information, service, caring, and attention to detail so very needed and appreciated. It has indeed been a pleasure to work in teamship with Huntington Homes and now to live the finished product we all took part in.

This indeed has been one of the best decisions of our lives and our gratitude runs deep.”

Sincerely yours,
Leslie M & Simon L

“Thank you to everyone at Huntington who built our beautiful home. Looking back at the experience, Walter and I are very pleased at the transformation of a challenging lot into a home that can stand proud and worthy on a street of the same nature.

Everyone in your company provided nothing less than great advice and expertise. They were all a pleasure to work with. As well, the tradespeople involved with the construction of our home were professional and courteous. They reflected in their work your high standards of quality.

And lastly, we would like to thank you and Sheldon for the opportunity of building this home together. You have built our family a wonderful home. We know that you must be as proud of it as we are, and it shows.”

Thank you for everything,
Walter and Nicole S.

“Your team has done some really beautiful work for us and should be proud of your craftsmanship as well.

“We never expected to see such nice touches as the handrail detailing, the ensuite shower entrance framing, and many other classy touches.

We are happy with our decorating choices and are really excited to move in.”

– Stan W.

“We are writing this e-mail to express our great satisfaction with Huntington Homes’ building our new home. We have been particularly pleased with the design process and Huntington Homes attention to every detail during the building process.

Overall, we’ve been impressed with your staff’s expertise and friendliness. And last but not least, Huntington Homes delivered excellent value for our money, proving you deserve your reputation as one of the best builder’s in the province.”

Best regards,
Odile T. and Ramzy Y.

P.S. We got our first gas bill. Compared to the same period last year in previous house, the bill was lower, even though our new house is twice as big. I’m not sure if its due to the super-high efficiency furnace, or the way you insulate. Anyway, it was a nice surprise.

If you would like to add to our list of testimonials with your Huntington Homes homebuilding experience, please contact us.