Tailor Made

If you’re looking to build your dream home and want it done right, it pays to build with the best. According to Rob Swan, co-founder of Huntington Homes, “Custom building for almost three decades isn’t all that sets us apart, it’s actually the formula we use to approach each project. From a construction standpoint, we’ve always set the bar exceptionally high. Our specifications are second to none. They’re the starting point for every home we build.”

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Perfect on Every Level

At Huntington Homes, the objective with every home they build is the same: to create an exciting, functional masterpiece. As is the case with every masterpiece – in this instance, their show home at 130 Lake Bend Road in Bridgwater Lakes – nothing about the design is an accident. From start to finish, the design of the home is ultra-specific from the floor plan to the finishes – a Huntington standard.

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Everything In Its Place

There tends to be two types of show homes. The first simply overwhelms you with a quick burst of in-your-face wow factor. The second, by contrast, is more subtle in its spectacularity. The moment you walk in, you’re aware of the wow factor, but it doesn’t fizzle out. Rather, the various design features just get better and better as you tour the home.

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Tuxedo charmer built with purpose

Call it the perfect storm – for a homebuilder, that is. It was by chance Rob Swan of Huntington Homes found the perfect infill lot, a 100-foot-wide by 130-foot-deep property at 216 Lamont Blvd. in old Tuxedo. “I was just driving down the street, and there it was,” he recalled. “It was a huge lot with an old, rundown home for sale on it. Once I saw it, I didn’t waste any time. I bought it right away because it was such an awesome location.” Not only did the lot provide a perfect palette to build on – the location…

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Warming Trends

New Homes give winter the cold shoulder   Remember last winter? Most of us have tried to block out the memory of biting winds, steady snow-fall and seemingly endless cold snaps. Even indoors, extreme weather conditions can create hardship in a dark, drafty old house – especially one that racks up big energy bills. Luckily for Manitobans, natural light and energy-efficient systems are the norm in new homes, creating spaces that make winter cocooning a far more attractive option. Rob Swan, co-founder and president of Huntington Homes, says changes to building codes over the past 15 or so years have…

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Grand Gatherings

Grand Prize Winner Grand Gatherings No longer hidden behind closed doors, today’s cooks perform in the open in front of guests. Earning this year’s top prize, this airy Tuxedo kitchen was designed by the owners, Huntington Homes and Visions Kitchen Showcase to seamlessly combine practical food prep and cooking stations with entertaining. Inspired by Ina Garten’s “The Barefoot Contessa”—TV kitchen, the owners capture the feel using neutral colours, stylish lighting and soothing lines. They infuse their own style with touches of Asian flair found in the bamboo flooring, bold floral fabric and red accents. Guests get the best seat in…

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Two Degrees of Separation

Show home features distinct living spaces In life, first impressions are (pretty much) everything. So when a new home announces itself (and, hence, its personality) in rather loud fashion, it sets the tone for the rest of the home. Which can be good or bad, depending on the impression made. In the case of 169 River’s Edge Drive – a brand new Huntington Homes show home – it would be the former. Just inside the front door is a massive etched, tempered glass wall about 14 feet long and 10 feet high. “We came up with the idea for this…

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A Setting for All Seasons

Award-winning show home offers country elegance, million-dollar view Country elegance with a million dollar view. That’s how Rob Swan, an owner in Huntington Homes, describes his company’s award-winning show home in River’s Edge Estates off north Main Street, just outside the city boundary in West St. Paul. Standing in the great room of this three-bedroom bungalow, Swan looks over the expanse of Red River at back. The water shimmers with a silver cast, framed with tall mature trees on the riverbank. It’s a setting for all seasons and an appropriate location for a luxury bungalow with a fully developed lower…

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Big House on the Prairie

Carefully crafted floor plan leaves no wasted space. This three-bedroom bungalow in the community of La Salle has a big house feel consistent with its surroundings. Set on a lot 84 feet by 335 feet, the Huntington Homes show home falls south of the curving La Salle River in the Riverview development – just far enough from the bank of the river for privacy for the homeowners and close enough to view the flowing waters a short walk away. North of the river, open field beckons, and to the right of the show’s property line, a rock dam backs up…

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Not Unlike a Snowflake

Not unlike a snowflake on a Winnipeg winter day, no two homes by Huntington Homes are alike. This is one of the major reasons why Huntington was a natural choice to be a preferred builder in Winnipeg’s newest development, The Oaks, along the Assiniboine River west. Huntington’s team of engineers, designers and client support staff guide each client through a seamless design and construction process to ensure the prompt delivery of their own unique, custom built home. Founded by brothers Sheldon Swan and Rob Swan, Huntington Homes has been building in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities for nearly 20 years….

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