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Tailor Made

Style Manitoba Fall 2015

Tailor Made

Style Manitoba Fall 2015

If you’re looking to build your dream home and want it done right, it pays to build with the best.

Style Manitoba Fall 2015 Cover

According to Rob Swan, co-founder of Huntington Homes, “Custom building for almost three decades isn’t all that sets us apart, it’s actually the formula we use to approach each project. From a construction standpoint, we’ve always set the bar exceptionally high. Our specifications are second to none. They’re the starting point for every home we build.”

The second part of that formula is a client guidance system that includes a detailed questionnaire that is completed with each client. The information gleaned from this questionnaire ensures that Huntington’s design team meets a client’s preferences and needs by including all the key features they want in their new home.

“It not only helps us determine the obvious and logical design concepts – bungalow, two-storey, walkout basement or not, number of bedrooms and bathrooms – it also contemplates the future needs of our clients, explains Swan. “Our clients are typically buying long-term homes – in most cases they’ll live in their home for between 5 and 20 years and beyond, so we want to make certain the design not only considers their present needs but their future needs as well.”

Once all of the clients’ needs, present and future, have been determined, Huntington’s in-house design team brings the home to life with 3-D CAD technology.

“We use the latest, most advanced, and proven technologies to design and build our clients’ homes,” he adds. “We then ensure those designs are of the highest quality, and we employ the same trades time after time to achieve the highest level of consistency and workmanship. Our goal is to build a near perfect home every time.”
At the same time, Huntington’s staff is committed to making their clients’ homebuilding experience an enjoyable one.

“It goes well beyond providing them with a great, finished product that will stand the test of time – it’s important that their experience is a positive one through the design and building process,” says Swan. “Our approach enables our clients to be guided through the building process as seamlessly as possible from start to finish so that they can be efficient with their valuable time, and enjoy building their dream home.”

What’s the end result of following such a detailed, perfection-driven process? “A beautiful custom-built home that’s tailor-made to their needs, not only now but for the future,” concludes Swan.

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By Todd Lewys. Previously published in Style Manitoba, Autumn 2015.